Daniel Cassman

I'm a national security attorney based in San Francisco. I'm interested in information security, technology, and policy. I love going on adventures and taking pictures.





Meditations on Decentralization

7 minutes to read — 1361 words

I saw an early showing of Top Gun: Maverick. My ticket included a special Top Gun non-fungible token (NFT),
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Slow Horses

2 minutes to read — 495 words

Apple TV+ is on a roll. Its content strategy seems to be the opposite of Netflix’s; whereas Netflix produces a ton of shows and movies and gives…
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ProtonAOSP on Pixel 6 Pro

5 minutes to read — 1043 words

One of the best things about Android, the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices, has always been its customizability. For the…
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"Countdown to Zero Day" by Kim Zetter

2 minutes to read — 352 words

Countdown to Zero Day is an account of the Stuxnet worm, widely regarded as the world’s first cyberweapon. It was a computer worm that most…
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