Red Slate Mountain

5 minutes to read — 1310 words

Tucked away in a corner of the John Muir Wilderness, Red Slate Mountain isn't climbed all that frequently. That's a shame, because it's a…
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Yosemite 2011

3 minutes to read — 830 words

I spent the summer of 2011 working for the U.S. National Park Service in Yosemite. It was one of the best jobs I've ever had. I was doing…
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Mount Shasta

3 minutes to read — 817 words

Fourteen thousand, one hundred, and sixty-two foot Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano that rises in solitary drama in the far north of…
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Pyramid Peak

2 minutes to read — 607 words

At 9,983′, Pyramid Peak is the highest point in California’s Desolation Wilderness. Since it is only about a three hour drive from the San…
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Mount Silliman

2 minutes to read — 620 words

In late October of 2008, I led an attempt to climb Sequoia National Park’s 11,188-foot Mount Silliman as part of the Outdoor Education…
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Mount Sill

4 minutes to read — 1073 words

Early in September of 2008, I attempted a climb of 14,153-foot Mount Sill in the Palisade Range of the eastern Sierras. About one year…
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Half Dome

3 minutes to read — 863 words

At the end of June during the summer of 2008, I left for Yosemite with a group of Stanford Outdoors leaders. Our goal was to watch the sun…
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Alta Peak

3 minutes to read — 783 words

As an instructor for Stanford’s Outdoor Education Program, I led an introductory mountaineering trip to 11,204 foot Alta Peak in Sequoia…
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Mount Agassiz

2 minutes to read — 460 words

Shortly after I returned from Alaska in the summer of 2007, my family left for a short backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierra. My mother…
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Root Glacier Ice Climbing

3 minutes to read — 672 words

I spent two months in Alaska during the summer of 2007 through an environmental sciences field study program. On our day off, we decided to…
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Phantom Spires

5 minutes to read — 1230 words

As a full-time student, most of my climbing these days is done in gyms. So I was excited for an opportunity to spend a weekend climbing on…
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Round Top

5 minutes to read — 1258 words

Just a few miles east of Kirkwood Ski Resort, across Highway 88 from Carson Pass, lies a mountain called Round Top. At 10,381 feet, the peak…
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1 minute to read — 243 words

During World War I, the northeastern Italian city of Cortina occupied a strategic region in the Dolomite Alps. A string of forts was built…
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Grand Teton 2005

1 minute to read — 397 words

One year after I climbed the Grand Teton for the first time , I returned to climb it again, this time with my parents. On my first climb, I…
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Grand Teton 2004

4 minutes to read — 930 words

I’ve flown into Jackson Hole, Wyoming twice now. But, no matter how many times I do it, I will never cease to be blown away by the final…
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