Snap Apps Crash Silently Due to Cross-Filesystem Symlinks

3 minutes to read — 723 words

This won't mean much to most people, but there seems to be a small number of people stymied by a weird problem: some Snap apps won't work on…
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HEY Email

10 minutes to read — 2519 words

HEY email launched in mid-June to generally positive reviews, but coverage of the product itself was largely overshadowed by a fight…
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Static Site Search with Gatsby and Algolia

4 minutes to read — 1127 words

About a month ago, I wrote about developing a static website with server-side Javascript . As I discovered, there are a lot of advantages…
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Server Side JavaScript and Static Websites

9 minutes to read — 2366 words

I've experimented with server-side JavaScript in the past, but I finally had an opportunity to dig in and actually build a website with it…
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Ubuntu Updates

2 minutes to read — 475 words

As I've continued to use Ubuntu as my Linux distro of choice on my XPS 15 , I've made some modifications to my setup. I'm describing some…
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Ubuntu 17.10 on the XPS 15

3 minutes to read — 902 words

I've written a couple of posts about Linux lately, one about beautifying the GNOME desktop and one about setting up Elementary OS on my…
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Google Calendar for Web Gets Material Design

1 minute to read — 130 words

Today, Google launched a major refresh to the design of Google Calendar for the web. The update is long overdue, but it's extremely well…
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Setting Up Elementary OS

6 minutes to read — 1572 words

Just a few days ago, I wrote about setting up my GNOME desktop on Linux . Unfortunately, the current state of play in the GNOME world is…
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It's 2017: Add a Notch to Your Smartphone!

3 minutes to read — 857 words

2017 is the year of the bezel-less smartphone. Ever since the LG Prada was released in May 2007, capacitive touchscreens have become the…
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Making GNOME Look Good

1 minute to read — 389 words

GNOME is a desktop environment for Linux. It's pretty, intuitive, and feature-filled. By default, it's not as customizable as some Linux…
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Building Android Oreo

3 minutes to read — 817 words

I'm no Android developer, but since I bought my first Android device, a Motorola Atrix 4G, I've always enjoyed customizing my phones and…
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