Rights & Usage

All original images, code, writing, and other content that appears on this website is ©2006 - 2022 Daniel Cassman, all rights reserved. To request usage rights or order prints, please contact me. I am usually happy to grant permission for non-commercial purposes, as long as attribution is included.


This website is built using Gatsby, an open-source framework for building websites and web applications. Gatsby in turn is built on React, an open-source Javascript framework for building user interfaces. This site is hosted by Netlify. I began this website by forking the Gatsby default starter site. You can read more about how I built this site.

Some of the libraries and plugins I use include:

  1. Moment.js
  2. Typography.js and the Gatsby plugin
  3. Gatsby MDX
  4. Gatsby Sitemap
  5. Styled components and the Gatsby plugin
  6. Algolia and the Algolia Gatsby plugin for search


This site primarily uses the following fonts:

  1. Open Sans for body text
  2. Montserrat for headings
  3. Nothing You Could Do for the Expeditions heading


The tools I used to build this site include:

  1. Visual Studio Code
  2. Gimp Image Editor