Google Calendar for Web Gets Material Design

1 minute to read — 130 words

Today, Google launched a major refresh to the design of Google Calendar for the web. The update is long overdue, but it's extremely well-executed and looks stunning. Sometimes you just look at a design and it feels right. This is one of those…
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"The North Water" by Ian McGuire

1 minute to read — 278 words

Ian McGuire's novel The North Water is a story about whaling. That alone invites comparisons to Moby Dick , and, indeed, both are gritty, realistic tales about adventures on nineteenth century whalers. But the stories are very different. The…
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Setting Up Elementary OS

6 minutes to read — 1572 words

Just a few days ago, I wrote about setting up my GNOME desktop on Linux . Unfortunately, the current state of play in the GNOME world is that it's just really hard to make the desktop look polished . While there are a lot of themes that look nice…
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It's 2017: Add a Notch to Your Smartphone!

3 minutes to read — 857 words

2017 is the year of the bezel-less smartphone. Ever since the LG Prada was released in May 2007, capacitive touchscreens have become the dominant smartphone interface. Apple popularized them with the original iPhone, and now they're ubiquitous. But…
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Making GNOME Look Good

1 minute to read — 389 words

GNOME is a desktop environment for Linux. It's pretty, intuitive, and feature-filled. By default, it's not as customizable as some Linux desktop environments, but it's extensible and has a good-sized library of extensions . After years…
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Building Android Oreo

3 minutes to read — 817 words

I'm no Android developer, but since I bought my first Android device, a Motorola Atrix 4G, I've always enjoyed customizing my phones and tablets with aftermarket ROMs, kernels, and themes. To this day, I'm partial to devices that are friendly to…
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