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6 minutes to read — 1704 words

Landing late at night at Lisbon's Humberto Delgado Airport, we caught an Uber to our lodgings, a charming apartment in Lisbon's Baixa…
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10 minutes to read — 2678 words

I hadn't really thought about it before I visited, but Sicily's remarkable and consequential history should be obvious. Much of the history…
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France & Spain

5 minutes to read — 1454 words

It was raining heavily when my flight landed Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Toulouse, France early on a Saturday evening. Ducking through the…
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London & Bruges

3 minutes to read — 775 words

I took a red-eye to London. My flight landed at 9:30 in the morning. I'd slept fitfully, but was surprised to find I wasn't aching with…
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11 minutes to read — 2984 words

Reykjavík The Golden Circle Southern Iceland Southeastern & Eastern Iceland Northern Iceland Western Iceland Landing at Keflavík…
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25 minutes to read — 6545 words

Norway Tallinn Helsinki Stockholm Copenhagen Reviews Norway After my trip to Svalbard , I flew south to Bergen, Norway. There I met Lauren…
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2 minutes to read — 485 words

After leaving Florence on my journey to Italy in June of 2008, my family and I drove to a small town in Umbria called Lerchi. About a 2…
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1 minute to read — 318 words

I flew into Florence on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-June. Wrestling with jet lag, I went to bed early the first night after a delicious…
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Switzerland & Italy

3 minutes to read — 843 words

Landlocked in central Europe, Switzerland is an eclectic mix of cultures. In the north, it is predominantly German-speaking, in the west…
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1 minute to read — 243 words

During World War I, the northeastern Italian city of Cortina occupied a strategic region in the Dolomite Alps. A string of forts was built…
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Britain & France

4 minutes to read — 955 words

The summer after my freshman year of high school, I spent three weeks at the Cambridge College Program, an opportunity for high school…
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