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WordPress Development with XAMPP, Gulp, and SASS

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WordPress Development with XAMPP, Gulp, and SASS

One of my main programming projects is development of a complex site powered by WordPress, but I’ve never put together a description of my workflow. I build the site on my Windows box using XAMPP and Gulp to manage everything. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a good explainer1 on how to set this up, so this post will explain how I get my WordPress development environment up and running.

Server Side JavaScript and Static Websites

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I’ve experimented with server-side JavaScript in the past, but I finally had an opportunity to dig in and actually build a website with it. I have a lot of experience with JavaScript in general; one of my major professional projects over the past few years was developing a complex web application entirely in JavaScript. For a number of reasons, I had to work only with vanilla JavaScript (no frameworks or libraries like jQuery).