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ProtonAOSP on Pixel 6 Pro

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One of the best things about Android, the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices, has always been its customizability. For the truly adventurous, that’s often meant ditching your manufacturer’s preinstalled software and installing a custom ROM, essentially a third-party operating system. In recent years, it feels like the popularity of custom ROMs has declined as manufacturers and carriers have made it harder to install them, and improvements to Android have made the advantages of a custom ROM less obvious.

It's 2017: Add a Notch to Your Smartphone!

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2017 is the year of the bezel-less smartphone. Ever since the LG Prada was released in May 2007, capacitive touchscreens have become the dominant smartphone interface. Apple popularized them with the original iPhone, and now they’re ubiquitous. But the touchscreen has typically been borderd by unsightly bezels. That started to change this year. Well, it really started last year. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix in November 2016. It was hard to get in the United States, but pretty much everyone thought it was beautiful, and a stunning innovation in the stale slab-like smartphone design that’s been essentially unchanged since 2007.